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What is the function of OMAPED

OMAPED is the Municipal Office for the care of the disabled and is a service provided by the municipality to its disabled neighbours.


In this office people can register and search for information about institutions that offer services for people with various disabilities. Information will also be provided on activities that the municipality carries out in favour of these neighbours.

Municipalities as local governments have a responsibility to ensure the well-being of their citizens. They should therefore facilitate and promote appropriate coordination between the needs of neighbours with disabilities and institutions offering services, thereby promoting their integration.


  • To know the neighbors with disabilities not only to know how many they are and where they are, but also to know their problems and to be able to plan actions based on them.
  • To raise awareness and / or raise awareness of the problem of persons with disabilities, in order to help create a culture of rights, tasks carried out within the municipality and addressed to persons and institutions of the community.
  • To advise and support the process of training and organization of residents with disabilities.
  • Promote and guide persons with disabilities in the process of integration, especially in education, health and work services, making the necessary efforts to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy the rights of all Peruvians.
  • General welfare, promote a state of general welfare by carrying out prevention and health care activities.
  • Promote the rights of persons with disabilities and monitor compliance with laws and other devices in their favour.
  • To encourage the participation of persons with disabilities in cultural, sports, etc.activities carried out by the municipality by facilitating their access to such services.

Find that boys, girls and adolescents are not infringed in their rights, to attend professionally to parents for the due fulfillment of the rights of minors.

To participate continuously and permanently in efforts to disseminate and defend the rights of children and adolescents.
Raising awareness among families and authorities of the importance of the rights of children and adolescents; it also contributes to the population’s access to justice and allows the transition from purely legal care to comprehensive care, making it possible to de-judicialize and restore the rights of children and adolescents.

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