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The Pachacámac National Museum will be ready in 2016

The museum to be built in 2015 in Pachacámac, Lurín, already has a design. The Ministry of Culture reported yesterday that the winning proposal of the contest of ideas fell to Alexia León Ángel and three other architects.

Reynaldo Ledgard Parro, architect member of the jury, explained that the prize was awarded because the proposal will allow visitors to observe the Pachacámac shrine, as well as the Lurín Valley, part of the desert and the sea.

He added that the square structure of the building “integrates into the context without competing with the archaeological site”.

Paulo Dam, a member of the winning team, explained that the design evokes the courts of inca architecture.

Dam added that upon learning of the call for competition, he and his companions decided to meet to present a common design because they knew “that a design for a work like this required a joint effort.”

The Minister of Culture, Diana Álvarez-Calderón, indicated that this design will be included in the technical file prior to the construction of the enclosure.

He said that they hope to start work in early 2015 and finish at the end of that year or at the beginning of 2016.

The minister specified that she has met with representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the municipality of Lima to assess how Line 1 of the Lima metro, or a Metropolitan feeding route, can reach a place near the new museum.

He also recalled that much of the collection of the Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and history of the Free People will be exhibited at the National Museum, as well as pieces from the collection of the National Museum.

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