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Police officers from the Manchay care complaints in quechua

Thanks to an initiative of the National Police, the officers of the manchay police station in Pachacámac district serve people who have quechua as their original language.

The report of Latina states that, so far this year, more than 500 people have been attended to, while in 2017 the reports of more than 3 citizens were collected.

In the Manchay area, 10,000 people live quechuahablantes. One of them is Martha Huacashi, who filed a complaint against her partner for physical assault in the quechua language, as she does not speak Spanish.

The Chief of the Lima Police Region, general NPP Gaston Rodríguez, indicated that this initiative responds to the provisions of law 29735, which seeks to regulate the use, Preservation, Development, recovery, promotion and dissemination of the native languages of Peru.

In addition, he indicated that, every day, there are two complaints in quechua. For the time being, 10 agents are trained to serve quechuahablantes. One factor that has helped is that many agents in the interior of the country are bilingual. The project will also be implemented in East Lima.

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