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Pachacamac: return 8th edition of the Misky Cuy

{For the eighth consecutive time, the Pachacámac District celebrates this important festival with the aim of spreading the breeding, preservation of the species and promotion of the consumption of the cuy, the Peruvian rodent that continues to conquer the national and international palates.

The event will feature the participation of gastronomic exhibitions of the Asociación de Criadores de Cuyes del valle de Pachacámac, which will expose cuyes of the breeds “Inti” and “Perú”, as well as the various forms of breeding of this rodent.

There will also be typical dances, handicrafts”, the festival attendees will be able to taste the exquisite and healthy Cuy meat in its various preparations such as the cuy a la piedra, chactado, pachamanca underground, peanuts, spicy and ‘broaster’.

One of the most expected contests of the event is the fashion show called “Cuy Fashion” competition that will show the animals dressed in typical clothes of the Coast, sierra and jungle of our beloved country.

In the same way we will have the contest “El Cuy Más Power” with more than 5 kilos, these will be evaluated by a special jury that will determine which is the best female and the best male.

Elvis Pomez Cano, breeder and current mayor of the district, will marry a more popular rodent couple in the “Misky Cuy marriage”.

” we invite tourists and the entire Pachacamina population to visit us and enjoy this great festival where it seeks to encourage the consumption of this food product, to promote its breeding and exploitation throughout the Pachacamac Valley, with this we will also strengthen the existing producer organizations in this area, ” said the mayor of the district, Elvis Pomez Cano.


  • Elvis Pomez Cano, mayor of the district, will marry the most popular rodent couple.
  • This great gastronomic event will take place next Sunday March 31, at the Lt b manchay B, 11 a. M. Sports Complex.m. Pachacámac district.
  • Pachacámac is ready to welcome hundreds of local and foreign tourists.

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