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Pachacamac: Gods Incas

Pachacámac was the most important God on the Central Coast and apparently a version of Huiracocha. It was thought to handle seismic movements, as its primary function was to give life to the Earth through movement.

Legend has it that, at the beginning of time, a man and a woman were created by Pachacámac, but they suffered a lot for lack of food. One day the man died of hunger and the woman did not stop suffering, crying, moaning and begging until the Sun God took pity on her and, standing beside her, advised her to eat some roots. While she was doing it, The Sun fertilized her with its rays and left. Four days later she gave birth to a beautiful boy named Vichama.

Pachacámac, outraged and enraged because the Sun took away adoration, took the child and dismembered him. He buried the parts and made corn from the teeth, the bones became yucas and other fruits of the Earth. From the skin came the pacay and various fruits. In this way, he created abundant food so that hunger is not known for a long time and only he is worshipped as God of sustenance.

In honor of this God a colossal temple was built in the Lurín Valley and its oracles were very prestigious until, in the 16th century, it was looted by the Spaniard Hernando Pizarro. In its heyday, the sanctuary received thousands of pilgrims with rich offerings and in its rooms human sacrifices were made when their anger had to be appeased.

Pilgrims from all over Peru came to Pachacámac for advice, solutions to their problems or answers to their doubts.
What’s more, your worship subsists in the present, but it has been mimetized in catholic worship popular, as the Lord of Miracles and the Lord of the earthquakes in Cusco and other.

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