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Pachacámac: Chinese business Emporium ‘Yiwu’opened

A special delegation from Pachacámac district visited China and held working meetings with personalities from the tourism sector of that country to promote this locality as well as those who make up the Association of tourist districts of Peru (AMTP), said its president, Hugo Ramos Lescano.

The president of the AMTP undertook a trip to China invited by Mary Ruth Guzman Mariño, entrepreneur in the field of hotels in Arequipa, with the purpose of getting that mayors, aldermen and officials of the local government to visit this country to see first-hand the development of tourism, economic, cultural, and commercial that has succeeded in China.

It is hoped that this experience will lead to strategic plans that can be applied to our reality in order to improve the quality of life of the population. The visit would open markets for the typical products of Peru and the districts, it was announced.

Chinese mall

The Peruvian delegation met with the manager of the largest economic and Commercial Center in Asia “Yiwu”, Wang Bi Rong, who has shown great interest in opening a shopping center in Lima, AMTP reported.

The Association of tourist Municipalities has been working on the development of new tourism policies alongside the municipalities of Lima and other regions. It was established in 2012.

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