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Pachacámac: beautiful valley of Lima that you must visit

With a temperate climate and one of the last valleys of Lima, Pachacámac is one of the ideal destinations to get out of the routine, as it is only 31 kilometers away which translates to 45 minutes from Lima.


First, there is the Pachacámac Archaeological Complex, where you can visit the most important ceremonial center of the Peruvian coast. This place was built with mud that exists to date, palaces, squares and temples that have been restored.

You can also walk through a quiet Plaza de Armas, visit the sotop museum, then walk through the Quebrada Verde, on a walk through the Lomas de Lúcumo circuit in which you can appreciate an ecosystem with 150 hectares of territory.

If you are an adventure lover, this destination is ideal for outdoor sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking and paragliding from Punta Blanca Hill.

Also, Pachacámac is also recognized as an excellent gastronomic destination so it brings together the best restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional huatia Pachacamina, grills, Creole food and among others.

General Information

Pachacámac) is known as the Sacred Valley of Lima. In general the climate of this district corresponds to the coast.

It should be noted that in 1800 a.c the first civilizations with metallurgy throughout America are founded. Also, Pachacámac, whose name was the one that bore the most representative God of the Peruvian coast. Even in this place you can appreciate the Houses of quincha and adobe that are traces of our ancestors.


  • Sports clothing and UV radiation lenses
  • Leads blocker to be used during the entire trip
  • Light slippers
  • Camera

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