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Municipality of Lima will culminate works of the Gran Vía at the beginning of 2018

At the beginning of next year, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) will deliver the construction works of the “Gran Vía”, which will unite the districts of Lima Sur and which today had its Paving and recap phase of the first section of this project.

The mayor of Lima, Luis Castañeda Lossio, supervised the works and said that the works will allow to build 44 kilometers of tracks, giving the city a new route of access from La Molina, Cieneguilla and Manchay to the South Pan American Highway, interconnecting with the districts of Pachacámac and Lurín in both directions.

He noted that concrete is being emptied from the Old South Pan American to Pachacámac, works that must be completed in 15 days, and once the works are finished in this area this sector of the city will have a modern four-lane track, two-way and two-way.

“This track was really depressing and now we’re going to have a first-way with four lanes and it also opens a way for all Cieneguilla and Manchay. On the other hand, in the Old South American Pan-American we are about to start working,” he said.

The new “Gran Vía” will have tracks, sidewalks, road separators, signage, two new bridges and one more that will be refurbished, all of which will be complemented with the planting of trees through the program “a house a tree”, which is creating new green areas in different parts of the city

The work is carried out in coordination between the municipality of Lima and the Commonwealth of Lima Sur and is in its first stage that covers the eight kilometers of Av.Manuel Valle, between the South Pan American Highway to the Jr. Commerce, Pachacamac district.

This first section contemplates the paving of 59,701.11 square meters, as well as its proper signage, in addition to the construction of 4,050.56 linear meters of road separators (New Jersey) in the central part of the track and conditioning and construction of 17,888.59 square meters of sidewalks to improve pedestrian traffic.

Once this phase is completed (estimated to last nine months), the following three tranches will be continued. The second of them goes from Jr. Commerce to Víctor Malásquez Avenue (9 km.) in Manchay; the third, covers all Víctor Malásquez Avenue to La Molina District (18 km.) and the last, from Manchay Bajo to Cieneguilla by Pachacamac (9 km.).

The second section of this mandatory work that responds to the clamor of the Neighbors includes the improvement of a vehicle bridge, at the height of Quebrada Verde, and Section 4, the construction of two new bridges that will guarantee the comfort of citizens and carriers.

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