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Minsa presented remodeled health facilities in Villa El Salvador

The minister of Health, Silvia Pessah, presented the Brisas health posts of Pachacamac and Llanavilla, located in the District of Villa El Salvador, remodeled and with new medical equipment for the benefit of more than 40,000 people living in this area of the capital, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported.

In his words to parents, he stressed that his sector is focused on working to ensure that the population receives a service in the best conditions and that is why these first-level health centres that will be part of the Integrated Health Networks (RIS) are being improved.

“Six months ago I visited this health post to verify the conditions in which they were treated, today we have returned to give them a health center in excellent condition, with first level equipment for the benefit of the population, because we believe that this is a good thing for all of us: that we have an establishment as we deserve,” he stressed.

The jobs that were developed in both health centers were the maintenance of the floors of the waiting room, hallways and offices, windows, doors, and railings.

Also the improvement of sanitary and electrical installations, perimetric fence installation, water insurance with high tank installation, maintenance of green areas and medical equipment.

These health posts will also provide services in general medicine, obstetrics, family planning, growth and development, immunizations, topical, and pharmacy.

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