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Didn’t you go on a holiday? These 2 plans last minute will save the weekend

August 30 is celebrated in Peru on the day of Santa Rosa De Lima and many people enjoy the long holiday going on a trip to different cities of the country. If you’re the one who stayed home, we have for you, four places near Lima to get out of the routine.

Pachacamac temples

Just 31 kilometers south of the country’s capital, is the most important ceremonial center of the Peruvian coast. This beautiful landscape is made of mud and to this day, we can observe squares and palaces of the pre-Inca era.

If we reach the temples of Pachacamac we can visit the ceremonial area, which includes the Temple Of The Sun, The Painted Temple, The Old Temple and the Quadrangle; the administration area comprised by 17 pyramids and the third wall.

Pyramids of Caral

Only three hours from Lima we reach the sacred city of Caral. This city is the oldest city in America, as it is 5,000 years old, as IS Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and China.

If we get to these ruins we can enjoy different atrios, squares, pyramids where sacred ceremonies were held.

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